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5/19/2020 – EVS-4: Emergency Ventilator Solution receives a Department of Defense DPA Title 3 Cooperative Agreement

EVS-4: Emergency Ventilator Solution

Rapid Medical Parts is developing a ventilation solution to hospitals next month to increase capacity for COVID-19
patient care and in preparation of a potential second wave of cases.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – MAY 19, 2020; Rapid Medical Parts Corp (“RMP” or “the Company”) received a Department of
Defense DPA Title 3 cooperative agreement, last month, for the development of a novel emergency ventilation solution. The
technology leverages existing CPAP and BiPAP machines and upconverts them to function as full emergency ventilators. Engineers
at partnered aerospace engineering firm Hummingbird Aero in Irvine, CA are currently testing and preparing for FDA Emergency
Use Authorization (EAU) submission by end of month.

EVS-4 (new device) is being developed as a compact control box that will receive condition air outputted from a standard
CPAP/bilevel/BiPAP machine. The device is being designed to provide continuous or intermittent ventilatory support for adult
patients weighing more than 30kg who require mechanical ventilation. Locations of use for the device are intended to be in health
care facilities, hospitals or other spaces converted for treatment of COVID-19 patients for both invasive and non-invasive
ventilation. The device will be compatible with a range of currently cleared accessories to support specific use cases.

As hospital systems across the country continue to manage COVID-19 patients, the U.S. government has mobilized American
manufacturers, including Ford, General Motors and GE, to deliver much-needed ventilators. While these manufacturers
manufacturing existing ventilator models, RMP has a transformative solution: Leverage existing technology and easy-to-access
digital manufacturing options like 3D printing to deliver low-cost ventilators at scale where and when they are needed.

EVS-4 — which the Company is calling an “emergency ventilator solution,”— “has about 95% of the functionality of a standard
ventilator for a fraction of the cost”, said CEO Jim Regenor. “This solution will provide optionality for hospitals so they can use
their high-end equipment the most severe patients,” he said. The up conversion and design of the unit provides a much broader
operating range of pressures and volumes. That means the machine will work on mild COVID-19 cases as well as more severe
cases where the patient requires intubation. In theory, EVS-4 would provide an alternative to standard ventilators, which can range
cost from $20,000 to $65,000.

Noga Schechter, COO and Head of Implementation, stated, “We are honored to work with the Department of Defense and Airforce
in finding innovative solutions to help save lives.”

RMP is partnering closely with municipalities, hospital systems, and NGOs to understand their immediate, emergent needs, as well
as other digital manufacturing organizations to rapidly scale, produce and distribute ready-to-assemble ventilator kits to help
manage today’s crisis and work to ensure readiness for any future requirements.

The Company is a just-in-time domestic producer, designer, and engineer of life-saving medical parts to improve patient care during
the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond and can be found at www.rapidmedicalparts.com

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Contact: Col. James Regenor (Ret)
Email: jim@veritx.co

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